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4-Week Workshop



(CBBT) Theory

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This is a virtual LIVE WORKSHOP

Instructor: Emma JM. Ates, RP, RCAT, DTATI, CCP
Location: Virtual Live Event on Zoom
Cost: $
54 HST included for four weeks
​​**All prices are CAD$.

 ​*Convert to your Time Zone

About the Workshop

The Bio-Cycles Contemplation workshop is a four-week 60-minute encounter to cultivate the body, heart, and mind alignment with bio cycles of nature elements and beings on the planet. This is a concentration, attention, and mindfulness meditation training workshop on the internal and external practice of embodied mind with other beings and the environment, the planet, and the universe. We will start each session with formal calm-abiding meditation using the breath, embodied, deconstructive, and visualization meditation methods, and contemplative creative practices. The contemplative creative approaches are introduced as an adjunct to your mindfulness, awareness, and insight meditation practice.

**THIS WORKSHOP IS NOT art therapy, and it is not meant as a drawing workshop.

This is not a substitute for training in Buddhist Psychology and Philosophy, drawing, calligraphy, journaling or any mental health professions and creative art therapies.



  • No artistic experience is needed.

  • We will use journaling, along with your preferred mediums: drawing, painting, collage…etc.

  • Regular practice of meditation is preferred for this workshop.




  • Introduction to bio elements and beings of nature with contemplation and meditation.

  • Explore and experience interdependence with bio elements and beings of nature.

  • Cultivate a regular contemplative creative practice on bio elements and beings of nature

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