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Intro Contemplative Photography and Nature

Aug 3, 2024 - Aug 17, 2024

  • 15Days
  • 15Steps
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Cultivating Presence through Contemplative Photography: A Nature-Focused Workshop for Personal Growth When: August 3-17, 2024 (Two Zoom sessions on Saturdays, 10:00-11:30 AM ET; daily online, self-paced practices)  Location: Online + At Home  This two-week, hybrid (online + self-paced), theoretical and experiential workshop will interest those seeking to deepen their connection with nature and develop mindful awareness through photography. The goal of the workshop is to introduce contemplative photography principles and methods for cultivating "a good eye" and aligning the mind and body with nature. Participants will learn to apply contemplative photography in various settings, from urban environments to countryside landscapes. The workshop is not aimed at improving technical photography skills but rather at enhancing perception, observation, and connection with one's surroundings. Explore contemplative photography principles and cultivate "a good eye" in nature settings. The workshop briefly introduces contemplative photography (CP) principles and methods used in CPT (Contemplative Photo Therapy) and CBioT (Contemplative Bio Therapy). Participants will be invited to apply CP in nature, whether in urban or countryside settings. Your practices will mostly involve taking photos. These are not intended to be technically or artistically oriented but rather to help you explore aspects of connection, observation, and perception in nature. The aesthetic will show up spontaneously. This workshop includes: • Two Zoom meetings (Aug 3 & 17, 10:00-11:30 AM ET) • Practice instructions delivered daily for 15 days, performed at your own pace, and group discussions • No photography experience required; smartphone camera sufficient Not a substitute for therapy or professional training. Register now to join our contemplative community this summer! Information:

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