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Contemplative Creative Bio Training (CCBT) is a based on contemplative creative and bio-informed approach and  focused on compassion-based biology, biodiversity, impermanence, and interdependence in the ecosystems starting with self, all earthlings, the natural world, and the planet. Here, the contemplative creative practices are based on the greek roots of "bio" meaning life, all life, life systems based on interdependence and impermanence. It is a comprehensive and holistic training for the cultivation and embodiment of bio psychology to attune and nurture balanced biodiversity, harmonious relationships inward and outward for the well-being of our human community, our planet, and all its inhabitants. We need to open our hearts to listen, observe and learn from the natural world we are part of, and for the "seven next coming generations".

The Contemplative Creative Bio Training (CCBT) program is exclusively designed for the Contemplative Creative Education programs of CCCS. CCBT is designed for a comprehensive and radical shift in awareness of life systems and their interdependence and how they affect our relation to impermanence within these changing systems. We know that lifestyle changes are needed for our humanity and the planet to cohabit in harmony. Here we are using the contemplative creative approach, methods, and practices to investigate how we can accomplish this shift and psychological, affective, and behavioral transformation.

This program is conducted in four sequential modules; the knowledge and experiential practice are built progressively across the modules and it is recommended that they are taken in order. Participants who complete the entire course will receive high-level training on how to effectively implement CCBT for self, in clinical and community settings.


Before taking this training it is recommended to take:

Course intro - Contemplative Creative Science & Practices

Level 1 - Required CCMT program

Course Curriculum 

Modules draw on Buddhist Psychology, Buddhist Philosophy, Biology, Biosystems, and Biodiversity,

Nature-Based Contemplative Arts, Ecotherapy and Contemplative Psychotherapy.

* CCBT modules in construction... coming in 2022

Who can participate in this program?

The contemplative Creative Bio Training (CCBT) is designed as a follow-up of Contemplative Creative Mind Training (CCMT) for all interested to embody compassion further in everyday life in awareness of their fellows earthlings from plants to animals, to insects, reptilians, and minerals families.

*An artistic or meditation experience is needed to attend this course.

**This course is not a substitute for professional training in Buddhist psychology, psychotherapy, contemplative psychotherapy, creative art therapies, and contemplative arts disciplines.

The CCBT will be offered periodically throughout the year.

If you are interested in the upcoming training, please contact us at contemplativecreativescience@gmail.com


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