A 4-Module Online Course 

Origins, Foundations, Practices, and Integration of




About the Course

This 4-parts online course is an introduction to Buddhist Mahayanist-Based contemporary application of Contemplative Science and Dharma art into mental health and psychotherapy with the origins, foundations, and practices of Contemplative Creative Science and its integration into mental health. This course is both theoretical and experiential.


In this course, you are invited to discover the origins of Contemplative Science (CS) and Contemplative Arts (CA) to understand the foundations of Contemplative Creative Science (CCS). It is informed by traditional Eastern Asian Dharma, Dharma arts, and “Buddhist Modernism” (McMahan, 2008), and the latest research-based on contemplative science and contemplative arts, Buddhist psychology, mindfulness- and compassion-based therapies, and neuroscience. Then, we look briefly at the integrations of CS and CA in North American culture and mental health, before going into CCS theory, embodied mind training programs, and contemplative creative therapies to awaken self, in relation to other beings and the planet.

What you will learn 

Module 1.   Introduction to Eastern Asian Dharma & Buddhism, Meditation. 

Module 2.  Learn about Dharma Arts practices in Selected Eastern Asian Cultures.

Module 3.  Cross-cultural Integration of Contemplative Science & Arts in North-American Cultures.

Module 4.  Discover the Contemplative Creative Science (CCS) training programs and therapeutic approaches.


This course is open to the public and health professionals, therapists, coaches, educators, caregivers, and anyone in a helping profession interested in integrating Buddhist-based secular contemplative creative approaches, and interventions for mental health and well-being.

*No artistic or meditation experience is needed to attend this course.

A list of art materials will be available for this online course. 

**This course is not a substitute for professional training in Buddhist psychology, psychotherapy, contemplative psychotherapy, creative art therapies, and contemplative arts disciplines.

The CCS introductory course will be offered periodically throughout the year.

If you are interested in the upcoming training, please contact us at contemplativecreativescience@gmail.com