Saturday 03rd, & Sunday Dec. 04th, 2022
from 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM ET

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This is a virtual live event

Education Hours: 8

Instructor: Emma JM. Ates, DTATI, RP, RCAT, CCP
Location: Virtual Live Event on Zoom

Length of Access: One Year
Cost: $150 CAD + GST/HST included
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About the Course

The Centre for Contemplative Creative Science presents this unique two-day 

online course presenting the 1st part of the 'Embodied Mind Training' series

on 'Cycles of Life' in human beings. During these 8 hours, we will discuss what

is usually not discussed, and use meditation and contemplative creative

practices to explore life transitions and changes we encounter from pre-birth

to elderly stages of life. If you are interested to learn and understand better

your experience as a human being this course is for you. However, be aware

that we will investigate subjects such as mental health, sickness, disabilities,

suicide, and death, then contemplate and experience it in meditation.

Content might not be suitable for everyone**.

*It is a recommended, but not mandatory, to have taken the course:

"Use of Contemplative Creative Approach in Psychotherapy" prior to taking this course.


What you will learn

Day 1- A Precious Life & Interdependence

  • Learn the many transitions and changes human beings experience through their life span, and the psycho-physiological adaptations required to develop resilience, and thrive through the ages.

  • Contemplate and discuss on stages of life and experienced challenges, trauma, loss and death from age to age. 

  • Learn and contemplate how human beings are interdependent to each other, their environment, and the planet.


Day 2 - Impermanence, Aging & Death

  • Explore, contemplate, and discuss on impermanence, loss, and transitions through the life span.

  • Learn and contemplate preparation to the aging process, and death.

  • Experience meditation and contemplative creative practices.


Experienced service practitioners working with young adults, adults in individual therapy, couple and family therapy, and/or parent work, such as counsellors, social workers, social service workers, psychologists and other professionals providing some form of counselling.

*No knowledge of artistic practice is needed to attend this course.

**If you have not taken training in meditation, we are not recommending this course to be taken at this time.Thank you for your understanding.

**Please fill out the form PRIOR TO REGISTRATION

to self-assess if this course is for you.

**THIS COURSE IS NOT a substitute for clinical professional and/or creative art therapies training. 

The 'Cycles of Life" course will be offered periodically throughout the year.

If you are interested in the upcoming training, please contact us at

Course Includes

  • 2 Live Session

  • 2 Video Modules

  • Course Reading List

  • Course References 

  • Letter of Completion