A 8-Module Online Course with Emma JM. Ates 


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This program is run in through University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.

Please follow the links to register. 

This course is designed for health professionals, therapists, coaches, educators, caregivers,
and anyone in a helping profession interested in integrating mindfulness meditation practice,
art psychotherapy approach, and interventions.

1) Mindfulness and art therapy: watch the mind

During part one, you will explore how to “watch the mind”, and “how the mind works”. You will discover methodologies and approaches to mindfulness and the use of creativity in psychotherapy,

clinical engagement, and healing.

2) “Mindfulness and art therapy: transform the mind 

Mindfulness and creative art therapies are becoming critical approaches and tools in psychotherapy and mental health. This second part is an introduction on “how the mind becomes absorbed”, and how to “transform the mind”. Participants will be invited to observe the mind deeply, and through specific meditations and creative practices such as contentment and compassion.

*This course is not a substitute for professional training in mindfulness- and compassion-based interventions, psychotherapy, contemplative psychotherapy, creative art therapies, and art therapy. 


*Students must attend all online sessions to complete the course. 

  • If you miss any of the scheduled dates, you will need to re-register for the course at a later date. 

  • The regular practice of mindfulness meditation is preferred for this course.

  • No artistic experience needed; a list of art materials to purchase will be provided.