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A Contemplative Creative Community
for Personal and Professional
Embodied Mind Training

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Established in 2020, the Centre for Contemplative Creative Science (CCCS) is home to Contemplative Creative Therapy (CCT), CCT specializations, and Contemplative Creative Bio Therapy (CCBT). CCCS is an educational hub developed to provide workshops and courses on embodied mind training.  READ MORE 


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Mindfulness and Art Therapy

This is a six-week ONLINE or IN-PERSON course that is offered regularly throughout the year. Learn about mindfulness and art therapy integration into mental health.


Origins of CCT

This is a four-week ONLINE course that is offered regularly throughout the year. Discover the origins and foundations of CCS and Contemplative Creative Therapy. 


This is an ONDEMAND course. Explore a toolkit of contemplative creative practices to observe your mind's conditioning and habits.

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