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Origins and Foundation of


from 5.00 PM to 7.30 PM ET


This is a virtual LIVE COURSE

Education Hours: 10

Instructor: Emma JM. Ates, DTATI, RP, RCAT, CCP
Location: Virtual Live Event on Zoom

Cost: $150 CAD + GST/HST included
​​**All prices are CAD$.

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About the Course

What are contemplative creative therapy (CCT) and its methodologies for training the embodied mind for mental health and wellness?


This 4-module online course is a brief overview of the Buddhist-Based origins and foundation of contemplative creative science applied in psychotherapy and clinical settings. This course is mainly theoretical, with some contemplative practices.

The first two modules overview the origins and foundations of Dharma, Dharma Arts and Buddhist psychology in India and their spread to Northern and Southeast Asia. Then, the third module looks briefly at the impact of invasions, commercial trades, and colonization on Buddhist modernism, Buddhist psychology, and Dharma arts practices integrated into North American culture. In the last module, participants are introduced to the Contemplative Creative Science theory, framework, contemplative creative psychotherapy approaches and methods as an intervention in mental health.


*It is recommended to have taken the introductory course to understand contemplative science and arts and how it has been assimilated and secularized into western culture, western psychology, and psychotherapy—and required to continue into CCS incoming training courses and programs. 

Course Includes

  • 4 Live Session

  • 4 Video Modules

  • Course Reading List

  • Course References 

  • Letter of Completion

What you will learn

  • The origins and emergence of Dharma, Dharma arts, and Buddhist Psychology as mind training in India, and the spread of Buddhism in Northern and Southern Asia.

  • The impact of colonialism on modern Buddhism, and Buddhist psychology and its integration in Europe and North America.

  • Learn about Buddhist-Based contemplative science, ideas, and methods in mental health with mindfulness-, compassion-based protocols, and interventions and their adaptations into many spheres of life.

  • Discover the foundations of contemplative creative science (CCS) and contemplative creative therapy (CCT) model and approach for clinical intervention.




Experienced service practitioners work with young adults and adults in individual therapy, couple and family therapy, and parent work, such as counsellors, social workers, social service workers, psychologists and other professionals providing some form of counselling. 

*No artistic or meditation experience is needed to attend this course.

**THIS COURSE IS NOT meant to be a history course on Buddhism or Buddhist art. This is not a substitute for professional training in Buddhist History, Buddhist Psychology and Buddhist Philosophy, Yoga and Ayurveda practices, or any mental health professions and creative art therapies.

The CCT introductory course will be offered periodically throughout the year.

If you are interested in the upcoming training, please get in touch with us at​​​​​​​​​

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