The Centre for Contemplative Creative Science (CCCS) is informed by traditional Indo-Tibetan and Japanese Zen Dharma, Dharma arts, and “Buddhist Modernism” from the Shambhala tradition. We offer holistic bio-psycho-spiritual contemplative creative training based on Buddhist and Western psychologies with the latest research on contemplative science and mindfulness-, compassion-, and meditation-based interventions on the embodied mind fueled by the joint mission to address and transform global mental health and wellness needs. CCCS is an educational hub with workshops, courses, and coming programs developed to focus on embodied mind training and the innovative model of contemplative creative psychotherapy (CCPT) and its creative specializations.


History and Development of CCCS

The founder of the Centre for Contemplative Creative Science, Emma JM. Ates, R.P., R.C.AT., DTATI, CPP, BFA, studied and researched how to bring together Buddhist-Based contemporary application of Contemplative Science, Buddhist philosophy and psychology, and contemplative arts into mental health... an ongoing journey. However, she realized that using contemplative creative and bio-based methodologies with multi-modal mediums of observation and expression helped to clarify aspects of the embodied mind - cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and behavioural - to regulate thoughts, emotions and reinforce the existing strength, values, and cultivate awareness and gratitude for the planet and all beings. From research and this creative spark coming from personal contemplative practice and professional practice as a psychotherapist and an art therapist, she decided to develop courses and programs integrating contemplative, creative science.


Defining Contemplative Creative Science

Contemplative creative science (CCS) is a discipline of first-person, subjective internal and external inquiry (CCR 2021*) into the embodied mind and its multiple layers of experience of reality and interconnection with other beings, life on this planet, and beyond. CCS utilizes multimodal contemplative creative and bio-based methods and practices to cultivate attention, mindfulness, compassion, insight, and introspection to directly observe cognitive functions, content and projections and their impacts on functioning in relationship with self, other humans and beings, the planet, and the universe at large.

*Center for Contemplative Research (2021), What is Contemplative Science? Retrieved from: https://centerforcontemplativeresearch.org/contemplative-science/what-is-contemplative-science/

Defining Contemplative Creative Psychotherapy (CCPT)

Contemplative creative psychotherapy (CCPT) is an innovative model that incorporates Buddhist and Western psychologies, contemplative arts, art psychotherapy, and bio-psycho-spiritual approaches. CCPT treats not just the executive and behavioural functioning part of the client that walks into therapy but the deeper layers of their being that are key to true transformation.



The Centre for Contemplative Creative Science is an educational hub developed to provide workshops, courses and programs that focuses on embodied mind training and contemplative creative psychotherapy (CCPT).

The mission of CCCS is to develop contemplative creative courses and professional training programs designed for health professionals, therapists, coaches, educators, caregivers, and anyone in a helping profession interested in integrating contemplative creative and bio-based approaches, practices, and interventions.


The vision is to guide and empower people to cultivate self-awareness and confidence, learn to regulate thoughts and emotions, and connect with inner wisdom and compassion to become their authentic selves, live in harmony with self and others, and the planet. 


At CCCS, embodied mind training uses the contemplative creative approach based on both Indian and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and psychology, contemplative science, contemplative psychotherapy, and contemplative arts.