For the past 10 years now, the founder and director of the Centre for Contemplative Creative Science (CCCS), Emma JM. Ates, had this calling to bring together Dharma art into art therapy and psychotherapy. It was a long journey of exploration and practice, that is still ongoing, on how to bring these practices into secular clinical application to alleviate the suffering and the delusions of the mind.


What she learned and practiced through both meditation and Dharma art, helped her realize that using the multimodal contemplative creative mediums helped to clarify the embodied mind by using both its cognitive and affective capacities for regulation. The contemplative creative methods helped to observe both the inner and the outer relationships of the embodied mind. It gives a cathartic window on how people interact with themselves and others, according to their belief systems, biases, values, qualities, and so on. To be able to transform, one has to be aware of what is happening cognitively and affectively, and have the skills to observe, name, contemplate, and meditate on what is happening and why there is so much suffering...



The Centre for Contemplative Creative Science (CCCS) was created for a continuum of holistic and embodied mind services for mental health and well-being. We offer psychotherapy services (online, and hopefully soon in person), workshops, and professional training programs with a contemplative creative approach.


Guide and empower people to cultivate self-awareness and confidence, learn to regulate thoughts and emotions, and connect with their inner wisdom and compassion to become their authentic selves. 

At CCCS, embodied mind training is essential to transform habitual patterns and his part of the contemplative creative psychotherapy with psychoeducation and practices, and within the CCP training programs specially designed for mental health professionals.