For the past 10 years, the founder of the Centre for Contemplative Creative Science (CCCS),

Emma JM. Ates studied and researched how to bring together Dharma art into art therapy and psychotherapy.

It was a long journey of exploration and practice that is still ongoing.


She realized that using contemplative creative methods and multimodal mediums of expression helped to clarify the different aspects of embodied mind - cognitive, affective, spiritual, and behavioral - to regulate thoughts, emotions, and reinforce the existing strength and values of people who start the training. 



The Centre for Contemplative Creative Science (CCCS) was created to offer contemplative creative education with workshops and professional training programs with a contemplative creative approach. Programs are designed for health professionals, therapists, coaches, educators, caregivers, and anyone in a helping profession interested in integrating contemplative creative approaches, practices, and interventions.


To guide and empower people to cultivate self-awareness and confidence, learn to regulate thoughts and emotions, and connect with their inner wisdom and compassion to become their authentic selves, live in harmony in their relationships with others, and cultivating gratitude for the planet and all beings.

At CCCS, the embodied mind training uses the contemplative creative approach based on both traditional and modern Buddhist psychology, contemplative science, and psychotherapy.